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Group Members

Name Role Photo
Prof. David Cardwell Professor of Superconducting Engineering
Head of Department
Image of Prof. Cardwell
Prof. Archie Campbell Emeritus Professor of ElectromagnetismImage of Prof. Campbell
Dr John Durrell Reader in Superconductor Engineering
Group Leader
Image of Dr. Durrell
Dr Tim Flack LecturerImaxge of Dr. Flack
Dr Yunhua Shi Senior Research AssociateImage of Dr. Shi
Dr Mark Ainslie EPSRC Early Career Research FellowImage of Dr Ainslie
Dr. NAMBURI Devendra Kumar Research Associate Image of Dr Namburi
Dr. Difan Zhou Research Associate Image of Dr Zhou
Mr Tony Dennis Technical OfficerImage of Mr. Dennis
Miss Roberta Trupiano Group Administrator and PA to Prof. CardwellImage of Miss Trupiano
Miss Jasmin Congreve PhD Candidate Image of Miss Congreve
Mr Fernando Perez PhD CandidateImage of Mr Perez
Mr Jordan Rush PhD CandidateImage of Mr Rush
Mr Jan Srpčič PhD CandidateImage of Mr Srpčič
Miss Wen Zhao PhD CandidateImage of Miss Zhao